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For high-quality and professional street work courses, including CAT and Genny training, look no further than Apple Construction Training Ltd. Our expertise and experience will provide a platform for your company/organisation to comply fully with The New Roads and Street Works Act 1991. This provides a statutory framework for street work activities carried out by undertakers (including public utilities).

The effective management of such activities is perhaps the most important aspect of street work regulations; benefiting undertakers, street authorities and road users alike.  The key objectives of The New Roads and Street Works Act 1991 are to:

  • Ensure complete safety;
  • Minimise inconvenience to people using the street, including disabled individuals;
  • Safeguard the structure of the street and the apparatus on it.

Here at Apple Construction Training we offer the following street works training courses as either in-house courses or fully accredited courses:

Streetworks for Supervisors and Operatives – 5 Days

This course incorporates areas such as location and avoidance of underground apparatus, excavations in the highway and reinstatement of concrete slabs (operatives) cover the monitoring of all these areas. (This is the full NRSWA qualification which most other Companies take 4/5 days to deliver.)

Safety and Signing at Roadworks (Units 2/10) – 1 Day

The Government is now committed, through legislation, to reducing the incidence of accidents by the establishment and enforcement of:

  • National standards of signing, lighting and guarding (Day 3 of Streetworks for Supervisors and Operatives)
  • National standards of competence in the form of qualifications for operatives and supervisors.

Location and Avoidance of Underground Apparatus (CAT and Genny) – ½ Day

To provide operatives with an understanding of how to locate underground services and perform safe digging procedures around various pieces of buried apparatus.

Traffic Management on Rural and Urban Roads (Sector Scheme 12d) – 1-4 Days

This scheme is designed for anyone involved in installing, sustaining and removing temporary traffic management on urban and rural roads. This scheme incorporates training areas including loading traffic management equipment, accessing site, placing signs and cones and setting up temporary traffic lights.

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